Yamagata Prefecture

winter 2017


(Chicken Shio Broth)
Braised oxtail, Japanese sweet potatoes, garlic chives

$10 gls  |  $36 carafe
A crisp, refreshing sake with bright citrus notes sourced from nearby Tochigi Prefecture. A perfect pairing for the hearty oxtail. 

おいでやす (Oideyasu): Welcome!

A few years ago I took a ski trip to the Yamagata Prefecture to see the Snow Monsters of Zao. These impressive snow creatures are actually fir trees that have a coating of wet snow and ice thanks to the cold jet stream that freezes them in monstrous looking shapes. To escape the frigid cold, we ate at a small izakaya at the base of the mountain that served a little bowl of oxtail soup as an accompaniment to the regional favorite, grilled beef tongue. I always thought the oxtail stew broth would make a delicious and comforting bowl of ramen. With that inspiration, our current Prefecture Ramen includes oxtail and Japanese sweet potatoes braised in miso, garnished with garlic chives and a half egg, all in a Chicken Shio broth. Snow monsters not included but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Order the Sohomare Tokubetsu Kimoto Sake that we source from nearby Tochigi Prefecture for a stellar pairing.

- Kyle


Past Specials


A trip to Japan is seldom complete without a stop in Kyoto. The rich cultural history spills over into the food scene, most notably in Kaiseki dining. At Hana Kitcho, I had a course of Miso Broiled Cod that was simultaneously rich and cleansing. I have eaten and cooked this dish for years in the States, but this version caused me to think about the oily nature of the fish in a different way. The way that buttery goodness permeated the components of that dish had me immediately think, what better way than to have it fortify a ramen broth?

Featured Sake

The sake we are featuring with this ramen is made by a rebel in the sake world, British toji Philip Harper. He believes the harder you treat the sake the better it matures. Enjoy a room temp glass of his Tokubetsu Junmai with our Miso Cod Ramen.