About Itani Ramen

Itani Ramen is my expression of Japanese ramen culture here in Oakland.  I set out to mirror the Japanese ramen experience, one where a bowl of ramen is affordable, served quickly, and always soulful and satisfying. I see ramen in Japan as a creative outlet for chefs working within the constraints of a cuisine mired in tradition. Through my travels I’ve been inspired by the evolution of ramen; each prefecture offers a unique twist, celebrating their local ingredients and representing the best the seasons have to offer. It is with that originality and drive that we present to you, Itani Ramen.  -      Kyle Itani


Kyle Itani

Top Noodle / Owner

Kyle brought his passion for Japanese cuisine and culture to Oakland in 2012, when he opened Hopscotch, a diner serving classic American dishes with a Japanese twist. At Itani Ramen, Kyle focuses on traditional flavor profiles, exploring Japan’s rich Ramen culture.   Kyle has a strong belief that ramen is the best way of introducing the regional culinary diversity of Japan’s many prefectures to the American palate.  Through extensive travels and a brief residence in Japan, Kyle has familiarized himself with the ramen culture in many of Japan's prefectures and looks forward to continuing his exploration each month as he rolls out a new prefectural special.   

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